Book Direct Rewards: How to Choose Your Hotel in New York City

How to Choose Your Hotel in New York

New York is a very big city where there is a lot to see and do all over the city. It is always important to choose the right location for your hotel, this is even more true when choosing a hotel in New York.

The choice of the location of your accommodation will surely depend on the vision you have of your stay: visits, shopping, …

Then the budget will have to be taken into account as well. New York is a very expensive city for housing. Prices can be quite high if you want a comfortable hotel in Manhattan.

The choice of hotels offered in New York is very wide. A good comparator allows you to reduce the number of hotels according to your criteria: price, location, number of stars, etc…

Choose Your Hotel Location In New York City

The choice of location depends primarily on what you plan to do during your stay in New York. If for example you only go there for shopping (yes, it exists …), it is better to find a hotel either in SoHo or near Times Square (between Times Square and 34th) to be close to the main shops.

If you want to discover the city, that is to say, Statue of Liberty, museums, building, etc, then you will have to go to the 4 corners of Manhattan. You will therefore have to take the metro every day for these trips. However, it is still important to choose a hotel in the centre of Manhattan because if you find yourself out of the centre, you will lose a lot of time in transportation. It is important to know that a subway ride in New York City will take you at least 15 minutes, or even much longer in some cases.

Personally I recommend you stay close to Times Square. This is the place in Manhattan with the most hotels in New York. Times Square subway station is a big hub and many subway lines pass through it. Plus, Times Square is a pretty central location in Manhattan. This is certainly the place to minimize the duration of subway trips.

You should know that hotel prices in New York are very high. If your budget is limited, you may need to review your requirements in terms of standing. Prices may fluctuate depending on the season and your anticipation for the booking. But prices will remain higher than elsewhere, no matter what happens. You might want to consider moving a little further away from Manhattan if you have a limited budget for your hotel in New York. In this case, you will increase the length of your subway trips a little, but this is not necessarily a problem if your stay in New York City lasts 7 days or more.

In this case, I recommend the Brooklyn neighborhoods (close to Manhattan of course, because it’s vast) and Queens on the Long Island side. Times Square can be reached in 15 minutes by subway from Long Island.

Holiday New York Hotel Booking

The choice of hotels in New York is vast. To make your hotel search easier you should use a hotel price comparison service. Already limit your search to the location you have selected. Also, set the important criteria: number of stars, budget.

Secondly, this is true for all cities, but even more so in New York City, hotel prices fluctuate enormously.

When I travel to cities where hotel prices are quite high, I often book a hotel room where I can cancel for free. This allows me to continue to compare prices by moving forward in time. If I find a better offer, I can cancel my initial reservation, otherwise I keep it. This method has already saved me money on my hotel bookings and it was the case for my trip to New York.